Crazy Aaron’s Putty Bundles



Weird Science

Solid water? Writing with light? Putty that moves toward a magnet? Yes, yes, and yes! Discover how weird (and fun) science can be with three of our most mind-bending Thinking Putty products.
Falling Water | Liquid Glass Thinking Puty
Strange Attractor | Magnetic Thinking Putty
Invisible Ink | Ghostwriters Thinking Putty

Forces of Nature

See the night sky. Play with fire (safely). Or take a moment away from it all with calming lavender and relaxing tropical scents. This collection lets you do it all, plus play 25 original games with your nearest and dearest.
Star Dust | Cosmic Glow Thinking Putty
Ultimate Putty Challenge Game
Fire Storm | Hypercolor Thinking Putty
Calm Presence
Wildtiki | Scentsory

Rise to the Challenge

The Ultimate Putty Challenge, that is! Experience the fun of 25 original games along with a collection of fan favorites. Make your own Thinking Putty, marvel at Super Lava, or discover the glow-in-the-dark magic of Wizard’s Wand. Scoopberry and Positive Energy SCENTsory® Putty will keep your spirits up, while Coral Reef will reel you in to the mysteries of the deep.
Glow in the Dark Mixed by Me Kit
Ultimate Putty Challenge Game
Wizard’s Wand | Glow Thinking Putty
MINI Coral Reef
Super Lava | Illusions Thinking Putty
Positive Energy
Scoopberry | Scentsory Putty

World of Wonder

Perfect for families, this collection has plenty to go around! Think big with a full pound of Neon Flash Thinking Putty, experience our best effects with the WOW! Set, and even make five tins of your very own with the Mixed by Me Kit. When it’s time to work, Focused Mind is the ideal study aid. And when it’s time to play, Ultimate Putty Challenge offers 25 different games that can be played over and over!
Ultimate Putty Challenge Game
Holographic Mixed By Me Kit
WOW! Gift Set
MEGA Neon Flash | Electric Thinking Putty
Focused Mind

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