The Toy Store has a fantastic selection of Easter/Rabbit children’s books.

Here’s a short list of Carol and Meg’s favorites that the entire family will enjoy for many years.

The Country Bunny and The Little Gold Shoes”, When eggs need to be delivered to all the world’s children the night before Easter, only the fastest bunnies are chosen for the job. The country bunny, a little brown rabbit named Cottontail who is mama to twenty-one little ones, thinks that perhaps her lifelong dream of being one of the five Easter Bunnies is a hopeless one. But when Grandfather Bunny searches for a new Easter Bunny, he is looking for someone who is wise, kind, swift, and clever. He is looking for Cottontail. So begins this brave mama bunny’s night of adventure and magic.
The Easter Egg” Jan Brett’s lovable bunny hero and her remarkable Easter Rabbit will enchant readers ad they pore over exquisite illustrations filled with dazzling eggs and their gifted makers – Flora, bunny Aunt Sassyfrass, Hans Vanderabbit and others. An unforgettable Easter story for the ages.
Fabulous pre-school board books. “Spot’s Easter Surprise”, “Peter Rabitt, ”Hello Peter”, and “Easter Surprise”.

Best selection of Easter Basket stuffers EVER!!! From precious small toys, lovely stuffed bunnies, to special large items – we have a wonderful selection.